The Messy Side of Toilet Training


Toilet training is stressful and very messy!

Last Sunday was a horrible day. The twins were driving me mad, not listening and just acting up.  Alexander was needy and wanted mummy so I was with him for most of the day.

During the times that he wasn’t with me, he wanted to play with his sisters. His sisters decided they had other ideas and playing with their baby brother wasn’t one of them.  Geez now more crying, carrying on and just screaming. Really… this day is going well!

The Cushie Step Up all set up

The Cushie Step Up all set up

My little boy decided to strip off and run into my room. Oh boy, I really need to get him out in case there is an accident.

I only left him for a minute or two and returned to my room. When I entered he was on my bed rolling around in the sheets giggling.

To access the room I ended up stepping in poo! Yep, you read that right. I had stepped in poo and then realised that my sheets needed to be changed, the floor needed to be cleaned and also the toddler and I needed a shower.

I managed to clean everything up all the while rather annoyed and angry that my little person didn’t use the potty. He is so good and then sometimes just decides to go wherever.

This day was repeated on Tuesday but ended up with poo in the yard and right near my car. If I left it, you can just imagine the disaster getting into the car in the morning. So I did the right thing and removed it. My little nature boy is happy outdoors and when the call of nature strikes he is happy to go wherever. This at least means it is not in the house, but still means I need to clean it up.

After I finally cleaned up the outside accident I then discovered that my little boy was top to toe covered in poo and there was another two surprises waiting for me inside. Yep fantastic! More cleaning on the floor, me, him and then a bath and a wash for me, and finally clean clothes.

The Cushie Step Up is in the spare toilet

The Cushie Step Up is in the spare toilet

As said, he is doing so well and most of the time goes to the potty. I have set up the spare bathroom with a special Cushie Step Up just for my little boy. He is getting on it but I think it will take time to get used to it.

I was told that he might prefer to go to the big toilet like everyone else and hence why he is not wanting to do poo’s in the potty. I thought maybe this is right and hope with the introduction of his own area in the bathroom it will mean that he is using the toilet like his big sisters.

Maybe this is payback, my mum said that when I needed to do a poo I would hide behind the lounge and laugh at her, all the while she was trying to get me to get out and to not do it. Possibly a karma thing that has come back to bite me.

How are you dealing with potty training? Are you having success? Or is your little person liking to be at one with nature like mine?


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