Bouncin’ around: A fun way to keep your kids occupied these holidays


Note: I was so taken with the quality of Vuly and how Vuly trampolines keep kids active and healthy. I’m an affiliate for Vuly, if you purchase any Vuly products from these links I get a little commission.

Keeping your kids entertained during the school holidays takes a little bit of imagination, creativity and (let’s face it) a dose of good luck!

Although our family tries to take regular outings to museums, theatres and even putt-putt – it’s not possible to do this every day. During our days at home, my kids need a little extra inspiration to stay away from computers and screens.

To help encourage my kids to get active in the backyard, we tested out the Ultra Medium Trampoline from Vuly Play.

To my absolute delight, the kids spent hours outside enjoying their new trampoline. In fact, they simply loved it… and as a busy mum, so did I!

Whether it was challenging one another to jump the highest, or creating their own little tricks and gymnastic routines; the Ultra Medium Trampoline was a holiday hit.

There were countless occasions when the kids came running inside (laughing and out of breath,) asking me to judge their latest acrobatic feats!   The trampoline also offered a fun way to include other kids from around the neighbourhood in our family’s holiday activities.

Personally, what I really love about having a trampoline is that I can be inside doing whatever I need to, while the kids are outside having fun in a safe environment.

For those parents who aren’t sure about the safety of trampolines, you need to take a look at Vuly Play. This Australian-based company prides itself on their state-of-the-art safety features and design quality. Vuly says they take safety seriously – and I tend to agree.

The Ultra Medium Trampoline includes a self-closing woven net ensuring kids can’t mistakenly jump out and has a true weight capacity of up to 150kgs. In addition, the springs of the trampoline are fully enclosed, with the entire trampoline designed to prevent contact with poles or any external parts of the structure.

My kids spent countless hours on the trampoline without any bumps or bruises!

Given Australia’s changing weather conditions, it was also important that our trampoline was made to last. Fortunately, the team from Vuly Play have thought of this too – and their trampolines are designed to be extra durable.

The Ultra Medium trampoline has been galvanised for rust resistance and has also been tested for performance in wet weather. Vuly trampolines have also undergone extensive testing to exceed Aussie manufacturing standards – and are easy to assemble with zero nuts or bolts. Our trampoline has already weathered a few storms, and it still looks brand new!

The Vuly Ultra Medium Trampoline was a hit with my kids these school holidays! For more info, check out:


Note: Vuly sent us an Ultra Medium Trampoline to test out.  The kids are obsessed with their new trampoline and hubby and I are pleased that it keeps all three kids occupied. Thanks so much, Vuly Play for sending us this amazing item.


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Originally posted July 29 2019

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