I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite products and items I just love using.   For many, I have become an affiliate and this means that if you click on any links and purchase I will get a small commission.

This page is to showcase some great brands, products and more to my wonderful readers. I only recommend products that I have actually tried and really love.


Photowall is the most amazing place. You can get stunning wallpaper for all rooms and even create your own custom wallpaper too! Not only can you sort wallpaper murals for kids’ rooms, your office or just add some retro vintage glamour to your house you can also grab some posters (prints) and canvases too.

Check out what we did in our house with the products from Photowall

The quality is state of the art and postage is so quick and is world wide so no matter where you, you can make your house look AMAZING with Photowall.


I love Canva. You can design flyers, business cards, social media graphics, media kits and so much more. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do. Give it a go and see what you think.


Vuly Play makes some amazing equipment for kids and all of their play encourages being outdoors.

You can purchase trampolines, swing sets, monkey bars, basketball hoops, shade cover for the trampolines, tent sides so that kids can camp out on their new tent and so much more. We love Vuly for the fact that they create such fun ways to be outdoors and have a healthier lifestyle rather than sit in front of a screen all the time.

Vuly is the perfect gift for birthdays, Easter, Christmas or just because. I’m sure your kids will be so happy and excited to have anything created by Vuly.

Oh and one big thing that we loved was that the customer service was fabulous, you got updates on where your parcel was and it was couriered to my door. Also, the instructions and videos on how to assemble the trampoline were so easy to follow and allowed us to stop and start to put it together with very little fuss.

We have the Ultra Medium Trampoline and love it.

I was so impressed that I purchased the tent bundle which comes with tent sides and the shade cover, and I also added the Pulse speaker to allow the kids to have music while they bounce or relax on their trampoline.


I got given my MUSE a while back now for my birthday. I wasn’t sure at first but just love it. It is such a simple tool to make you feel relaxed and ready to conquer the world.

You can read about my thoughts and how MUSE all works here

I love MUSE as it instantly makes me relaxed and more aware. I feel more focused and able to take on anything I set my mind to.

MUSE is a headband that works in conjunction with an app. You will also need headphones so if you can have the wireless type like Apple AirPods it helps out a great deal. I originally used the ones with a cable and found they got tangled a lot and love using my MUSE with my Apple AirPods.

Get one for yourself and see how amazing it is.   Or purchase a MUSE as a gift for a special someone…I’m sure they would love this gift if they are a busy person like myself. Investing in some quality relaxation time is essential, even if it is just for a few minutes.


I joined MasterClass ages ago now and just adore it. I signed up for the all-access pass and this allows me to do any class from any teacher on the entire MasterClass website. Find out why MasterClass is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. I love the way you can learn from the world’s best in your PJ’s at home, and access all the knowledge without leaving your house. I LOVE IT!

You can purchase an individual class or sign up like I did for the all-access pass and do any class throughout the year that takes your fancy.

Read about what I love about MasterClass here

I really like the fact that MasterClass is a perfect gift for anyone that wants to learn and to explore. It is also a gift that keeps on giving all year, plus MasterClass always adds new teachers so you will be spoilt for choice.


I have been a new convert to Grammarly. If you don’t know what Grammarly is it is a writing tool that helps you with grammar, spelling and even improves word choice and so much more. It is easy to sign up and install and can be used in Word documents to your email and also in WordPress as it is a plugin that you can install via your browser.

The #1 Writing Tool

I have really liked how Grammarly has helped my writing. If you are a writer, or student or wish to improve the style of your website I would highly recommend Grammarly, I’m sure you will be as impressed as I am.

My list of favourite products and brands is growing all the time.

Please stop by to check to see if anything new has been added.   Thanks for taking the time to check out what I love and recommend.

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