Men I See Through Your Strategic Incompetence


Read on for a rant. Yes, I’ve got my cranky pants on and for good reason. I don’t understand why men think that it is okay to put women down, to not value them, to not help out and to believe due to sex it is all the woman’s job to organise the house and more!

A friend of ours popped over and while chatting I was madly folding the laundry in the living room.

I’ve been super busy like most mums and hadn’t folded the laundry, although all clean it was in a pile and some were partially folded.  I thought why not try and get rid of it all and put it away, and at the same time have a chat.

This is not me, and never has been me. Men are still thinking that this is women. Cooking, caring and being a dedicated housewife/housekeeper. It is 2019 not 1950's.

This is not me, and never has been me. Men are still thinking that this is women. Cooking, caring and being a dedicated housewife/housekeeper. It is 2019 not 1950’s.

I joined in the conversation and mentioned to hubby while our mate was over that he packed a pair of the twin’s undies in Alexander’s bag and they would have been too big.  I was saying that he should check the clothes to ensure that our little boy has the right clothes, jumper, adequate numbers of undies, tops and pants.

Our friend then said men cannot do this and therefore women are much better suited to housework and organising all the items for the kids. It was said that men cannot do this type of work.

I’m not sure why this is the case?  Also my first thought was what fucking bullshit!

Are men missing limbs that make it hard for them to pick up items, to help out, to tidy up, help organise items for kids school bags? Or at the very least pack a lunch for a child to go to preschool.

Men are not special beings and therefore should be able to cook, clean, tidy and do everything that comes with living with others in a house.

It’s not terribly difficult work, although boring and not that exciting. However, it needs to be done! And not just by one person!

I asked hubby to pack a lunch for our little boy and he freaked out, and said what do I do? I am not sure why this is an issue to panic about. It’s just a packed lunch. Sort it out. It’s bloody simple actually.

In my opinion, I think acting stupid and lost (otherwise known as Strategic Incompetence) about an easy task means that others will do the work for you and therefore you get out of doing it.  Men do this all the time, does it happen at your place?

Responding to our mutual friend I said I don’t like housework either, and why does having a penis means you are exempt?

Just an excuse to not do things in my book. Hopeless and fucking rude really!

I think we should have a detachable penis to ensure we don’t have to do shit housework all day too. I want to sit and do nothing and have someone look after me too. What about you?

Being female doesn’t mean that I have an instant love for cleaning and tidying. I have never liked it and actually, I’m not the best at this at all. I struggle to do it all and would prefer to be doing anything other than housework.

Maybe I need to adopt the panic that anyone with a penis shows me when I ask them to help or do something.

If I too look so lost, others will do the work and I can sit down and stare for hours at my phone or computer while drinking a beer, claiming that it is important work that I am doing so therefore cannot be interrupted.

Geez, it is 2019 and men are still sexist dickheads believing that women are the housekeeper and slave for everyone. I’ve got 2 degrees, I’m very smart and have other ambitions than to cook, clean and to race around for everyone else.

Do you see how lost people with penises get when asked to do something they don’t want to do? Do they claim they have no idea how to work the dishwasher, washing machine, or make a lunch box for the kids? And many other things.

I know some men are very capable so this is not directed at those that actually help the household to be more harmonious for all that live there. If you live in the house you need to contribute to help it run more smoothly.


Let me know what you’ve asked to be done and what inventive answers you have received?

I do believe that we as women need to give this stupid behaviour back to the men that dish it out. See what they say when I cannot help them when we look lost and panicked too about a certain task. Insert evil laugh!


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