Happy Mother’s Day – 2013

Mother's Day Lunch 2013

Mother’s Day Lunch 2013

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Hope you are having a good day, I am. Today we had to be up early due to the twins swimming lessons and after I managed to do an aqua aerobics class. Then we dropped off our stuff at the house and went to a picnic. It was enjoyable but the only downside was when Julia rubbed sunblock in her eyes and was a screaming teary mess in the car. Thank god she was better with some time and tissues.

Once lunch was eaten by all then the kids played on the play equipment at the park. Now we are home and the girls and daddy are working on secret surprises for me.   The kids and I have a pressie for daddy as his birthday is tomorrow and he is at work and will be very late home. I thought it would be nice to celebrate his birthday while the kids were home and we can all spend time together.

What have you been up to this Mother’s Day? Did your kids and partner/hubby stick to The Mother’s Day Code? Have you been able to relax or has it been just another day with things to do? Mine is still a normal day. I am off to start a cake for daddy for his birthday and to start the soup for dinner.

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  • MishMashMamma
    May 13, 2013

    Happy Mother’s Day Suzanne! Sounds like you all had a really lovely time. We had Mother’s Day in March in the UK (It was the coldest March in 50 years)!!

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