May is MY Month


May is a HUGE month, well for my family it is.

It is the one month in the year where it has many birthdays (including mine), including Mother’s Day.

Since this month is hugely popular and is the time of the year we celebrate Mums I thought why not make the whole month of May dedicated to women.

The whole idea is that the month of May is your month. It is for you to do something each day just for you.

I know that many of you are super busy working at being a mum or working at a job or possibly both.  I’ve created a list of 31 things that you can do. Just simply pick one that you wish to do or you might wish to do a couple on the same day, it is up to you. Remember it is up to you and May is your month to do things for you, just make sure to not overwhelm yourself with things on a list that you might not get to.

There are 31 days in May so plenty of time to do a little of something each day.

Simply getting a cup of coffee at a local cafe after dropping kids off at school or care can be a boost for the soul. Or even taking yourself to a movie to finally watch a show that you have been desperate to see.

Some items on the list might not be super fun but after you’ve done them you will be happier. De-cluttering is a bit of work but the outcome of having a tidier and more organised space means less stress and more time for you and the family.

Also getting all the health checks is a bit boring but a must do. I like to make sure I stay on top of things like skin checks, pap smears, and a regular check-up at the doctors once a year to ensure that I am in good health. Having it done at a certain time each year means I don’t have to think about it, I just organise the times and go to the appointments.

You will see some fun things on the list as well.

For those that don’t want to download the graphic here is the whole list of the 31 items for May:

1. Get coffee at a cafe by yourself or with friends (kid free)

2. Go for a walk

3. Go swimming/exercise at the gym

4. Explore a new area

5. Start a course

6. Meet with friends for a night out/lunch out

7. Read a book/finish the book you’re reading

8. Take a trip away by yourself or with family

9. Save for something special or add extra to your retirement savings

10. Watch your shows on TV

11. Get food delivered so that you get time out

12. Take time away from computers/phones/tablets

13. Invest in adventures (experiences) rather than things

14. Watch less TV and work on things that interest you

15. Take up a hobby, sewing, craft  or write that book

16. Get a massage

17. Get all your health checks done

18. Go to the hairdressers and get a fab new do

19. Invest in some quality makeup

20. Purchase some good moisturiser for your face and body

21. Visit family more

22. See more movies at the cinema

23. Get some new clothes

24. Meditate more

25. Relax

26. Spend time with the kids and just be

27. If you paint, draw, or do photography enter a competition or show your work

28. Learn a language/get pedicure & a manicure

29. If a foodie take lessons on how to cook certain styles of food

30. De-clutter to enjoy more free time not having to do housework

31. Prioritise you to be a happier person

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