Getting Excited

Graduation Shoes

Graduation Shoes

Shoes for graduation have been purchased thanks to some vouchers I had saved. Gown has been paid for and a saving of $30 was made due to paying for it now rather than on the day. I am getting excited about it all. Not far off now, only next week, the 17th to be precise.

I must say that I do love my new shoes but had something else in mind, however I have small narrow feet so everything that I did like was either too big and fell off the back of my foot or was too small. These shoes look lovely and are comfortable. The only thing is that I have a similar pair at home that needs fixing. I did want to branch out and get something different.

It was also hard shopping with the girls, they kept on helping me, by helping they were giving me shoes to try on that did not fit the brief, colour and style was wrong. Picture bright aqua flip flops/thongs or glitter heels that are so high I would fall over in them, and one that was fluro yellow. All would not go well with a black dress. Maybe the glitter ones but thought they would not wear well in Katoomba’s weather.

So stay tuned and will post pictures of graduation next Friday after the ceremony.

A very excited mummy here.

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  • mitchelle
    May 10, 2013

    Congratulations Suzanne. Graduation is indeed very exciting and promising. It means a brighter future for you and your girls.
    Hopping over from bloggymoms.

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