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Have you ever been in this situation, you are ill and urgently need to make an appointment to see a doctor but cannot get one? What about dealing with kids and trying to make a phone call to make an appointment to a doctors or say a massage therapist? Why not try using the Internet to sort out this issue and calm you down.  Fancy booking doctor appointments online, yes it now can be done!  If you have access to more options and the ability to book online will help you get the appointments you need and want.

Everything seems to be online now. You can book tickets to concerts, movies, shop for clothes, and order groceries all from the convenience of home.  You don’t even need to change out of your pj’s.  So why not be able to book a doctor online?  Well this is now a reality with 1st

win 12 months Private Health Care paid for by 1st

Win 12 months Private Health Care paid for by 1st

So what is 1st

1st is a service that allows you the customer to locate a doctor or healthcare provider online and make an appointment. This can be done via your mobile, tablet or home computer.  How clever and convenient.


1st Available Symbol

If you see a doctor or healthcare provider with the 1st Available Symbol then you are able to book online with them. Easy right?

If you are a doctor or healthcare provider you can register with 1st and be listed so people can find you quickly.


Why should you join 1st

  • 1st is a 24 hour, 7 day a week operation. This is not like ringing your local medical centre to find that they are closed and you have to wait till tomorrow or next week to get an appointment (If they are not open on weekends)
  • Not only is the service 24/7 you can access it via your mobile, so wherever you and your phone is a doctor or appointment to a massage therapist is a click away.
  • As stated, everything is online why not healthcare and booking doctors’ appointments, this would make life so much easier don’t you think? I do, with twins it is hard to have a phone call go well without me telling a child to be quiet. Organising appointments online would be a dream come true.
  • If you register now you will be in the running to win 12 months Private Health Care paid for by 1st Cool don’t you think? If you don’t have cover, just pick one and the costs will be covered for an entire year! If you are currently in a fund the costs will be covered if you win, how cool is that.
  • Membership to the 1st Available site will always be free. Access to healthcare providers is the aim
  • Convenience, need I say more.

Why not give it a go and see how easy it is to use. Sign up and of course be in the running to win 12 months Private Health Care paid by 1st Tell your mates, enter now, gotta be in in it to win it.

Bloggers that promotes the services of 1st have a chance to win the following:

  • A family trip to the Gold Coast (max four people), 2 night’s accommodation PLUS a pass to the Problogger 2013 event – I hope to win this as a family holiday would be much needed now. Tight budget, stressed and tired family. A recharge on the Gold Coast would definitely be in order. As a blogger attending Problogger would be a dream come true. So wish me luck!
  • A day spa treatment package. The prize is for themselves and their partner at spa centre of their choice.
  • Five further bloggers deemed to have linked the most creative posts, as decided by the Executive Team will each be awarded a $200 cash prize

Wishing you luck and I hope that I am a winner as well.


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