Sleep In – I Think Not!


Why oh why do kids wake up early when you can sleep in? Today is Sunday and the kids woke at 6.30am. Weekdays, I have to wake them to get both kids ready for school. Doesn’t seem fair does it? It was not a total waste, the twins have a 9.30am swimming class. Yes I know annoying on a Sunday morning but it was the only time I could get. So in a way it was a good thing the girls got up when they did and although I wanted to stay in bed, I got up as I did not want to sleep in and then be late for the lesson.

Does this happen to you? One of my friends from school has this happens a lot. Do kids have timers on them, do they know when their parents want to sleep in? Or is it just a case of being excited about going somewhere like swimming.

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  • Leanne
    May 5, 2013

    We are up between 630-7am everyday. Depends on when Lachie wakes up. He goes to bed at 630-7pm and wakes from 630-7am and Aliyah goes bed 7-8pm and usually wakes around 730am but if she wakes before 730am she stays in bed till her ‘ok to wake’ clock glows green at 730am! Going places doesn’t seem to affect my kids waking earlier- but Xmas made Aliyah wake up super early last year from excitement!

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