Well Done Caitlin!


There has been a lot of controversy about a young girl posing with her baby boy in a class photo. The school allowed other students to pose with pets, sporting equipment and so on to give a better idea of who the student is. Caitlin Tiller decided if others can bring in pets that they are proud of and also other items, what would be the fuss about bringing in her young son.

As a young mum/mom, she has done an excellent job. She has graduated high school, working part time and about to start college. She is achieving to give herself and her child a better life. I applaud this, this achievement should be celebrated. However the photo of Caitlin Tiller with her son was removed from the yearbook and she was told she would have to find another without her son. Why would you tell other kids it is o.k to pose with their pets and not allow Caitlin Tiller to pose with her son? Crazy if you ask me!

Maybe a complete ban on everyone who is not a student would be the way to go. Allowing others to be in pictures and not Caitlin’s son is not fair if you ask me. The schools argument is that other girls will see Caitlin Tiller and think it is cool and fun to have a baby. They will want a baby also.  I am sure the majority will not do that, but you cannot stop what others will do. There will be a small percentage that thinks that is a good idea and will race out and do it. The same goes for drinking and smoking, not all kids will participate.

I think what Caitlin Tiller has achieved is wonderful and needs to be celebrated, well done Caitlin! I think you have done an excellent job and I hope your college career is a giant success also.

What are your thoughts? If it was up to me, I would have just had students in the pictures no one else. Let us know what you would have done.

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