Yes, finally in seperate beds


Tonight I heard cries from the girls bedroom, I ran in to find out what the issue was. Lillian was in tears and yet again sharing Julia’s bed. For weeks we have not been able to seperate them, they just want to be together always.  Julia is a bit out of sorts due to a cough and seems to be generally unwell but not that sick, Lillian not sure what the issue was, but took it she wanted more room.

I told Lillian that she could go back to her bed to get more room and to have a better sleep. She nodded, yes, maybe it will work tonight. Managed to get Lillian to her bed minus one of her toys, one of the bummies. Found it and got her to bed. Julia was then awake and as I had changed Lillian’s nappy I did the same for Julia. Tucked her in, added some ecuplitics oil to her sheets and then she latched onto my hand and fell to sleep. Made a get away when she rolled over.

Phew, now kids are finally in bed in their own beds. Thought it was not going to work at one stage, as Julia freaked out and wanted to know where Lilian was. Explained and she went back to sleep.

Hope that this will be the same for tomorrow night, sleeping in their own beds. We will see. Do your children/twins want to sleep together? Has this closeness caused issues in other areas when they get older. I fear that the girls might not want to be seperated when the other might want to do something different. That is ages away at this stage, so would just like to focus on getting to pre-school at this moment.

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