Well done girls and especially Julia


The girls went out and about with Daddy this morning as I am not feeling the best.  The girls were all dressed up and were not in nappies yet again, yeah!  While at the hardware store Julia looked like she needed to go to the toliet, Daddy asked if she needed to go and she said yes. He asked if she could hold on. He explained that he had no nappies, or the potty with him and that she needed to wait if she could. She said she could wait.

They then finished at the hardware store and Daddy wanted to go to the shops to get some food. He asked Julia if she was o.k to go to the shops or should they go home. Julia said that she could wait and they should go to the shops. She was a very good girl and hung on and waited until they all got home to go to the toliet. Very proud of her to have done this, just a great thing to have done.

Julia also on Australia Day told us she needed to go while we were on our way to the airfield, she gave me the look that she could not wait and she needed to go now. It was a very intense look with eyes open wide to express the urgency. We stopped along the road, I raced out of the car and in my haste thought it was Lillian that needed to go. She told me, “Not me mummy”. I then realised and got Julia out and the potty out and all was good.

What great progress we are making and big girls they are becoming. To think I was worried that they would never be potty trained before pre-school. I am so pleased that they are doing so well and ready and on that note that I only have 17 sleeps to go till the girls start pre-school.

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