How many things can I play with today?


The girls for ages now have been asking to do about 5 or more tasks/toys/play things at the same time. It is hard to keep them entertained. I get an activity organised, say, play dough, painting or drawing. Then not 5mins later they ask to do something else, a puzzle, a movie, go to the park, go swimming and much more. I give the girls an activity to do while I try and get some things done, however this seems to always fail due to sister disagreements and issues with the toys, and then deciding to do other things and then wanting to help mummy at times when helping is not all that helpful.

I do try and have the girls help me so that they learn and are part of the family and contribute but it is really hard to get things done with little helpers when you have a narrow window to get some things done.   I was at a friends birthday party for her 1 year old boy on Saturday and I explained this issue. She is having the same problem with her 3 year old as well.   She mentioned that at 2 years this was no issue, and now 3 it is like someone has flicked a switch and changed all things again. The child cannot sit still and be entertained with just one task. They must find all toys, and open everything and play with as many possible things as they can, this however leaves me the parent in the same but terrible postion of having more mess to clean up and never getting anything done.

I hear you say that this is the perils of young children, I have decided that if the house is reasonable clean and tidy that is fine. The thing that is hard to get used to is falling over things, never having the time to finish anything properly and always getting interrupted so you find it hard to get back to the task you were intially motivated to complete.

Currently the girls are in the living room, eating lunch while watching “Elf” the movie and they have play dough all over the piece of material to hopefully protect the rug on the floor.  My husband goes back to work tomorrow so it will just be me to entertain the girls during the week. Will try to be inventive and see if we can do some creative things, art, collage, and outings. Although once I do things with the kids, I find I am exhausted myself.

Is anyone having a similar issue with their child/children regarding activities and pulling out all toys that they own to play with? Would be interested to hear from people with intersting tasks to keep 2 little 3 year olds entertained for longer.



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