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Found out today that the pool at Katoomba has cancelled the late session for childcare, this means that I can no longer go to the pool during the week as I have no care for them.  I found this out only after purchasing a 10 pass ticket for childcare to learn of the change, and then had to have it refunded to me.  They only have the 9.30 session avail for childcare and that would not help me as aqua is on at 10.30, they stopped that session due to not enough numbers using the service. I say that this is a needed service to encourage people to use fitness centres and encourage mothers back to the gym and allow them to have some time to themselves.

Why it that people like me are penalised and no thought is given to this group of their customers at all. I was very upset indeed, in tears about it, as I was aiming at making sure that I go each week this year and try and make it a priority, now I have to wait to do it in Feb when the kids go to pre-school, however with this new system, will only be able to do it once a week aside from weekends.   I feel that there must be more of women/men in my situation that would use this service.

I am trying to do my best to lose weight and to tone up, but having kids and being the primary care giver is hard. When they are sick, you cannot go out. When you are sick you cannot go out, the weather has been not helpful, and I could go on and on. Today, it felt like a conspiracy against mothers with no help!!! Why, oh why, do organisations, especially the council run one make a stupid decision that does not help accessibility to their services to make sure that you are fitter, happier and a better person and mother all round. I am going to try and see if other pools on the mountain have childcare and times for similar classes, however I don’t want to spend my few days/hours off travelling up and down the mountain.

Thinking of writing to the paper about this topic and the cost of teaching children to swim as well, it is just outrageous – It should be free or a charge that people can afford. Please let me know if you are affected by this terrible injustice of not allowing people to use the services for the time they wish to go to the class they want to go to. No point being a member if you cannot use the services you want to use.

Please let me know if this has happened to you or anybody that you know of.

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