World Food Day 2014


Today is World Food Day. I just got back from the supermarket and of course can access nearly all foods that I need or want, budget permitting. Others around the world are not so lucky.

Did you know?

“Asia has the highest malnutrition rate of any region in the world. Millions of children born in Asia each year enter the world at a disadvantage compared to children elsewhere. They are born with the burden of malnutrition.”

I know that we are focusing on other countries but Australia has people who are hungry and going without as well. In many schools locally they make sure kids who have not eaten breakfast get food. They get donations from the local businesses and parents who can give to help. One great organisation that helps is The Foodbank.

Children who don’t have breakfast or eat at all cannot function well at school and are at risk of disease and sickness. The same goes for adults. We need to eat well to be well.






A while ago hubby and I were watching a documentary about houses and access to toilets and plumbing in India. It was shocking to see how the shacks in the slums had no access to running water, toilets, and the garbage piled up. Accessing clean fresh food was hard for the people we saw on the video. The film was about putting in plans to help make it better for the people. Having cleaner and safer facilities is a must to stay well. I showed the twins some of the video to illustrate how lucky we all were. We had access to fresh food, fresh water, no garbage near the house, adequate plumbing and so on. It is a pity that this is not fixed and these people are not considered a priority.

I also pointed out that when the kids get nice meals served to them, the kids on the documentary we saw don’t have this happen. They might not eat for days or if they do eat very little.

“1 in 8 people on the planet don’t know where there next meal is coming from” (Food Security Video – World Vision)


I am only going by the video we saw and it made me very grateful that I live in such a blessed country, I have family that helps me, and I have the means (financial) to feed and care for my family. Some people in Australia are finding it tough and I do understand.

We went through trying times and had to live off very little. We bought pastas and rice, and lived off mince or sausages as it was cheap. Some nights we did not eat due to not having enough to go round and needing petrol in the car to get to work. I do understand doing it tough. We did not have the twins then, but had a cat to look after. We made sure he got fed as it was not his fault we were hard up.

Our circumstances changed for the better and we have been mindful ever since to have a back up plan. Store a little away for a rainy day in case something bad happens again.

The video below shows how help from World Vision gave the Batsukh’s Family a brighter future.

What can you do?

You can purchase gifts for families in need. Why not give this instead of a Christmas Present? Make a family donation? How about a gift from your company or business?

Volunteer for Meals on Wheels or Your Local School

As said early. Kids who attend school might not have eaten breakfast or dinner. Why not find out what your local school is doing in regards to a breakfast program. Many families are embarrassed or upset to say anything. You might never know that someone is in need. It could be a simple loss of a job, sickness or death in the family that has caused issue. It is hard to know and you don’t need to know all the details. Just giving what you can by being there to help serve food, supply Weet-bix, eggs or bread is enough.

Many people who are finding it hard to eat and make ends meet are pensioners. The pension is not a lot and covering bills and food now days is a tough ask with no money. My mum used to help take meals and make meals for Meals On Wheels and it a great service. Some people might have accessibility issues and therefore find it hard to walk, get out of the house or have a disability. Having someone come to the house with cooked meals means they get the right nutrition, get some company for a bit and a little help while the person is there. It is a lovely thing to do for your community.

I hope that if I ever need help someone would be happy to pop in and give me a hand.

I am going to send a gift from the above list that World Vision have. It is great, and I think more people help families in need the more they will be able to feed their families. Well that is the hope.

I purchased the following to help families in need. I know it is a small gesture but it all helps.

  • Fast growing seeds x 1 – $10.00
  • Chickens & eggs x 1 – $10.00

Join the movement for nutrition for every child:

“The One Goal campaign is a partnership initiative of World Vision, the Asian Football Confederation, The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), DSM, and the Asian Football Development Project that seeks to bring awareness to the issue of child malnutrition in Asia and powerfully inspire and mobilise the football community to take action to increase the number of children in Asia who survive and thrive.”

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