Miracle Tonics Needed

Sick and want to just rest! Curl up and go to bed! Image from Found on themetapicture.com

Sick and want to just rest! Curl up and go to bed! Image from Found on themetapicture.com

Do you have a miracle tonic to rid you of germs and to make your cold go away? I NEED IT NOW! SEND URGENTLY!

I now have filled my repeat for my antibiotics and have started them today. I feel terrible but I am trying to solider on.

Have you had periods like this? You feel like the walking dead. You aim to get things done but nothing happens. Well this is me, house is a mess, I am tired and still a lot to do.

Thank god I am not having guests over for dinner or to stay, then I would be rather panicked and of course madly cleaning.

I suppose for now I can do things when I can. I have tidied the kitchen and done nearly most of the laundry. However I have a load of clothes in the washing machine and we are due for another HUGE thunderstorm now, or as soon as I leave to pick the kids up from school the heavens will open up and crash down with heavy rain. It is predicted that today will be much worse than yesterday. Not looking forward to that.

How do you manage to do everything for you, the house and family when you are sick?

  • Do you fit in a much needed sleep when kids are at school or if you have time off from work? I managed to get some rest last week and think that helped. However I now feel like it is either getting worse or not going away! Would more sleep help????
  • I have taken my vitamins, especially vitamin c as this helps. However too much vitamin c can be bad as it can prove a disaster when you need to go to the bathroom. Yes not a good subject to discuss but if you have too much it is not good either.
  • I am taking yoghurt with all the good bacteria and Probiotics that put the good bacteria back into me. I know that having antiobiotics can zap this good bacteria out of you.

According to Wikipedia: “Gut flora have a continuous and dynamic effect on the host’s gut and systemic immune systems. The bacteria are key in promoting the early development of the gut’s mucosal immune system both in terms of its physical components and function and continue to play a role later in life in its operation. The bacteria stimulate the lymphoid tissue associated with the gut mucosa to produce antibodies to pathogens. The immune system recognizes and fights harmful bacteria, but leaves the helpful species alone, a tolerance developed in infancy”

Hate being not well! Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Hate being not well! Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I make sure to give the twins their yoghurts and Probiotics to help them keep well and stay healthy. I also added this to their meals when they were babies.

  • I make sure to have a shower to wake me up and start the day. Nothing is worse than being in clothes for too long. It makes you feel terrible. However if you are sick and really need to be in bed it might not be bad as long as you have a shower that night or the next day. It does help make you feel more alive and awake, but not for long.
  • A little bit of exercise or fresh air if you are well enough helps me a bit. I went for a brief walk today and it made me feel a little better.
  • Getting to bed earlier I think is helpful and I am trying to do this. It is easier when you are not well as you want to be in bed nearly all the time. I found it hard to get out of bed. If I did not have kids I might still be there.
  • I have been having LemSip  hot drinks and also alternating with cold and flu tabs from the chemist. Not sure if they are working and it seems nothing is at the moment.
  • I have no got a shortage of hankies. Yes I still use a hanky and think they are great, but not when you cannot find a clean one. I do have clean washing to sort through so maybe there are some in there that are available to be used.

I have given you some tips of what I am doing to try and stay well, shorten this illness and annoyance that has affected me. Do you have things that help you? Do you just have nice chicken noodle soup or honey in your tea?

Send in your cures now so that I can regain my energy and stop using the hankies like they are going out of fashion. Send in your miracle tonics to the blog or comment on the this blog post.

2 Responses
  • Val C
    October 14, 2014

    I take Echinacea when there are germy people about (do not take if you have Asthma or a chest problem). My husband keeps a lemon in the fridge and periodically grates some of the rind and puts it in boiling water, tastes terrible but he swears by it! Good luck, hope you get better soon!

    • Suzanne
      October 14, 2014

      Hi Val, Thanks for your tips. I will try Echinacea. I have the Lemon juice in the squeeze bottles that you can get from the supermarket. I like to add this to water for extra taste. I recently ran out and got more on the weekend. Must make sure to add it again to my day. I hope to be on the mend soon, have a lovely day Val and thanks again. 🙂

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