Julia in the wars


This morning Julia hurt herself.  I heard the scream and on opening the door found Julia in tears and so upset. I later found out that they had been climbing the change table (otherwise known as the castle) and Julia had fallen and landed on the edge of the bed, corner side on her cheek. She has a nasty bruise and a red mark that looks very sore. Yesterday she got bitten on the shoulder blade by her sister, it was a very deep bite and still don’t know why this happened. I put Lillian in time out and she then apologised to Julia and was then able to enjoy in our painting in the dining room.

The weather is so bad that it is constantly raining so thinking of things to do is a full time task. I have managed to keep the girls active and interested in things, but it is a challenge and a full time job, bring on pre-school.

Oh well, aside from the injury that Julia yet again suffered, the girls were asking to go to Spingwood Pool again. They desperately wanted to go swimming, we relented and thought that it would be something that would allow the girls to practice their swimming, would be fun and also tire them out.

As we were all at the pool today, James suggested that the girls try the water slide. The girls could not wear their back boards on the slide, they had to go up with James and I was down the bottom to catch them and to put the back board floaty back on. Both girls are very good at swimming, and keeping themselves upright, however they really still need the floatation device on. I was very worried about the whole thing, that they would panic in the slide, they would be stuck or something horrible like have a terrible accident due to not being able to swim without the back board. Basically I was very concerned. James thought that they were ready.

Julia went down first. She loved it. Then Lillian came out. I asked her if she wanted to go again and she screamed, “No”. So that was fine. Julia went up again with Daddy and I stayed down the bottom to catch her and to attach the back board when she was in my arms. The second time was not so lucky, she said that Daddy pushed her. He only pushed her to be in the water to manage to slide down the tube. It was the same thing that happened for the first go, however I think it was more noticeable to her this time. She was upset. I then manged to attack her accidentally with the clips for the back board. I was so upset that I accidentally hurt her and it was not intentional. Poor little Julia bear, as she is called by her Aunty Kay. She has had a bad trot the last day or so.

We were lucky that after that she was happy to be in the pool and playing with her sister. She was pleased that there was going to be no more slide and that playing in the pool and wetting Daddy and Mummy were her primary goal. Julia and Lillian are really enjoying putting their heads under the water, floating on their backs and kicking their legs, both of the girls are really coming along really well with their swimming. Very proud indeed.

After the pool we went off to get some fish and chips to take home. We all must have been hungry as we have never ever finished a family box. Lillian was very good, she ate calamari, crab, chips and fish. Julia ate some fish but only after we bargained with her. Eat the fish and you get more chips.

Have you ever had a day that one child is in the wars more so than usual? Would love to hear your stories.

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