I met this wonderful couple on Australia Day, they run their own production company. I did not get the details of the company, but from the information that I knew, I goolged and investigated. Found them and now have sent an introduction email to see if there might be any part time roles to help out. Latley, I have been itching to get back into something that I am trained and like to do. Film, media production (I have a background in film/video, media production and the internet) is the thing that I have been dreaming about but also starting my little business from home.

We will see what comes of it. Who knows at least I have met some new people that are lovely, so it does not matter if I get a job just a connection is nice enough. Does anyone have a great story of bumping into just the right person at the right time in their life. Would love to hear of some great inspiration stories.

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