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I have laid out the document for my last university assignment ever and it is looking quite nice. In the time between the second last assignment and preparing for the last one I have upgraded my Microsoft Word to version 2013 and it is quite fancy if I do say so. The features have allowed me to create a stunning document so far. I just need to put the content in and change it from information about butterflies (the template does look good with the butterflies, pity it has to be an assignment about leadership theory) to an insight into why lessons learnt are not adapted within project management and the same mistakes keep on happening, and need to find a leadership theory to help fill this gap. Simple right? Well it sounds simple enough until you try to find said leadership theory. I am still trying to make my mind up on what it should be.

Should it be contingency, situational, or participative leadership. It seems no matter where I turn someone has a leadership theory or a theory about something. There are continuum, models, frameworks and you name it, the list continues. I really think that someone sits down and decides, Yes I want to create a framework or a theory and be known forever about this subject. Maybe I should create a theory about all the theories that are out there.

I know it sounds tedious but it surprises me that no matter what subject you studied throughout the degree there was some bloke,(mostly men sometimes women so don’t worry there were a few) that have created more work about ways to do things and it doesn’t require a theory. Situational theory is about choosing whatever works for the time, place and task, so really what theory is that? It is just picking different techniques to do something and having an over arching theory about all different theories.

It has got me thinking that maybe I should create a theory and see if it becomes popular. What should I call it? How about “Theory of the Total/Whole” it would be a holistic theory that identifies that everything is linked and a failing in any area can effect the project or the organization. Very much like some other theories but it would be more holistic and communicative.  If I detail my theory with graphs, and link to examples it might take off. Who knows.  Then everyone will be quoting me and then some student will be questioning the theory like I am.  It all comes full circle.

Have you set up your assignment and it looks pretty and nice but there is no content yet? I do that and make sure that I have the headings all ready so I know what goes where. It is just a matter of filling in the areas and completing it on time now… the deadline is on. This Friday it is due and then no more assignments, just the pain of waiting to find out how I did in the subject, waiting for my grade has always been hard and stressful.

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