Re-Gas to be Cool


Today I am super excited, I have just booked the car into get re-gassed so we can have air conditioning. YES I have been suffering in this heat!!! So next Monday the car will hopefully have air conditioning and we will be nice and cool in this heat. I suppose after I get it fixed we will have a cool snap right?

It was not as expensive as the hubby thought it would be and that is why it was put off and put off. I am so sick of getting everywhere sweating, and looking like a beetroot, also having to have all the windows down makes you look constantly windswept and keen to be done with this look as it is not the look I am after.

The challenge for Monday is to be at the auto electrician’s by 9am and fill 2 hours if it is a simple re-gassing or if it needs the compressor replaced it is a half a day exercise. I think I will pack a picnic lunch and make sure to have the pram, this will make being on foot easier with the twins.  I can either go to a park or do a bit of window shopping.

At least the weather is a bit cooler for Monday, expected temperatures are around 24 degrees so warm but at least not that bad when on foot with kids.  I cannot wait to have a cooler car and have the windows up while driving. I would like to go and visit my cousin who had twin boys and she lives 5 hours away so not a fan of that trip in a car with no air conditioning.

So crossing fingers and toes and all other bits and pieces that the car will be icy cold when I turn on the air con when I pick it up on Monday. I pray to the air con gods that all goes according to plan and the car will be easy to fix and all will go to plan. I cannot wait! I think you can tell I am excited and it is still Friday.

What have you suffered without? Me it has been no air conditioning in the car for ages.  Send in your comments and why not continue the discussion on our Twitter or Facebook pages.

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  • Leanne
    January 18, 2013

    It was aircon in our old car we went without for 6mths as it needed regassing, new compressor- the works so as it was very expensive and we knew we were leaving to live overseas we suffered through a very hot summer a couple years back till we sold the car to leave.

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