Questions answered for week 1 at least


Today dropped the kids off at school, but before that, there were many meltdowns. I don’t want to wear those shoes mummy and not that shirt or dress. Oh, why can’t we just put clothes on and get out the door. Then the running around to avoid mummy as she wanted to brush hair. So after all this carry on, we were late getting to school. The only up side to getting to school today was getting  a park and dropping the girls off without a fuss, like the other day. YES!

Finally back home, I make a cuppa tea, put the heater on and a jumper. Very cold today, and not happy about that, but pleased that the house is warm. I am at the computer to tackle my first week of tutorial questions from university. I am just amazed at all the theories about the same area that are surfacing. I am sure that they were there before, just was not exposed to the idea before now. Today I managed to learn about complex adaptive and transactional models in project management. I have also addressed the difference between a manager and a leader, and why in some examples certain projects were failures or a success.  I finished it all, uploaded it online to the university’s site and all is good, very pleased and happy with me today. I know small things make me happy.

I am not sure that I was o.k with all my answers but pleased it is completed. Now on to read more and to get started on my individual assignment, organise a day per week to meet with my group for our assignment and generally research the whole subject. This will be done a piece at a time, not that clever it can all happen in one day or week. After reading this it made it sound like I am super study woman.

Today I had hoped to see if I could finish the pants that I am making for the girls. It was rather cool today, so thinking winter will be very cold indeed. Oh well at least the uni thing this week is not needing to be done and now I can do the pants without thinking about uni. The problem is that if I know I need to do something and want to do something else, I think about the other as it needs to be done before the other. I know, it is hard. However, having limited time to ones self is hard to try and fit it all in.Is this just me that does this. I used to be so organised with a day job, children have thrown me around a bit.  I need to get my to do list organised.

So the weekend I think will be making and finishing pants time. I promise pictures to come soon.

If you have had some time to yourself this week, what did you get up to? Are you studying? If you are studying, have you managed to get things done? Wishing you all luck if you are in the same boat as me, and that you will get all your work done.


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