I Blame the Pig!

Wet day and looks like it will be a wet week!

Wet day and looks like it will be a wet week!

The last couple of days we have had torrential rain, and it has not stopped coming down. It seems like we are set for a very wet couple of days or at the most a week or even worse the whole school holidays. Let’s hope it stops and we do get a break and can venture outside to have some fun without being soaked and a muddy mess.

Today was the last day of pre-school for the girls for term 2 and as you can imagine the rain and puddles is a draw card for kids, they just love being messy and wet! Oh the joys at trying to get wet messy kids into a car while it is pouring with rain. Not nice for mummy trying to put on their seat belts. As you can imagine, I ended up very wet, and cold.

The kids love Peppa Pig and Peppa for those that don’t know loves jumping in muddy puddles and the girls want to do just the same. Yesterday, after dance play at the local school Julia’s shoes and socks were soaked so today I made them wear their gum boots for going to and fro and had slip ons for inside the school. I did not want what happened yesterday to happen today. I was over the complaining of mummy my feet are wet, mummy I hate wet clothes, mummy my feet are cold. Oh, you chose to wear those shoes even when I told you not to! Maybe this is a life lesson, listen to mummy! I can only live in hope.

So since the kids had their gum boots on and were dressed to jump in muddy puddles they did, and got wet, muddy and soaked their pants very well indeed. I let them have their fun in the wet and mud as I do stop it a bit but thought why not. We are not far from the school and as soon as we are home I will get them changed into warm dry clothes. As you can imagine they had a blast.

Do you cringe now when you see muddy puddles? Is it all Peppa Pig’s fault? Send in your comments.

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