Icy Shower


Today it has been freezing! Yesterday there was warmth in the air and a hint of what is to come. Summer and holidays! However today it seems like we have hit another cold snap. Black dark clouds hovered over us after I picked up the girls from school. We had to get Weet-Bix from the store or else there would be issues in the morning and when we exited the skies errupted with hail. Little balls of ice, and it bucketed down. It did not last for long.

Did you get a big down pour of rain? Was it hail? I have heard some people got snow. Yes snow! I suppose that is no surprise. Two years ago in October we got the biggest dump of snow in ten years here. So anything is possible. Snow in Spring. Hail in spring. Maybe it might happen in summer? Only time will tell.

The only thing that made it all worth it was that the store had Weet-Bix. Imagine making your way in a hail storm to find they had none.

It has been snowing. See the article from the Sydney Morning Herald.

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