Non-Stop Rain Creates Chaos


We’ve had a week of torrential rain and this weekend is no different.


The weather app has said that all week we’ve had 100% chance of rain at all hours, and next week is listed as rain. Some of the rain predicted for next week is not heavy and then on some days, it looks very bad. Currently, we have been induated with water!

Don’t get me wrong. I love the rain. We desperately needed the rain but I would like to find the off switch. I don’t want to turn it off for good, just to give us a little break and allow the water that has fallen to settle and to not give us an instant pool under the pergola.



Yep, we have lots of water falling and it is causing havoc now. Apparently it is the largest downpour since the 90’s 

It seems like a horrible joke from nature. It wasn’t long ago that most of the country was on fire. Many lost their homes, were evacuated and some lost their lives. We were in severe crisis. Thank goodness that the fires have been put out by this heavy rain (I believe all have, however, I could be wrong) and now we are facing another form of disaster, and that would be flooding.

Due to the nature of the heavy rain and the fact that it has not stopped many places have been flooded, these include roads, parks, houses, businesses and everything in between.



In the Blue Mountains we have had huge tree fall across the highway at Springwood and blocking half the high the highway, tree fell near the Explor’s Tree and blocking both sides of the highway, and another tree in Mount Victoria has come down blocking the highway in block directions, and in  Cliff Drive Katoomba there has been a landslide.

So due to the weather, we’ve been inside and the kids are acting horribly.

I think they secretly got together to play an evil game on mummy and daddy…the game is to see how quickly can we make mummy and daddy go crazy and lose their shit!

Currently the kids are winning and I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve lost my temper at the silly and stupid behaviour.

I do understand the kids are bored but it is getting to the point of annoyance as each kid wants to do something different, then the youngest wants to join in, then the older kids don’t want their little brother wants to join in and this doesn’t end well. Fighting ensues, yelling and the little person then lashes out with hurting his sisters. Oh, the joys of being inside due to non-stop rain!


Now if I had the stop button to give us a break from the rain I would press it now! would press the start button again I promise.  However, I would love a little break from this torrential downpour!  Maybe I could send the rain to a place that needs it and give us a break until we need some rain again?




Oh and another thought, will my plants be okay with all this rain? I know that they are probably loving it due to the heatwave we had, water restrictions and of course no rain for ages (drought), so this rain is well and truly welcomed.  A little rain would be great to help and then more, but if they get too much will this cause other issues for my garden? I do know that last time we had a huge downpour after a dry spell one of our long time trees died.  I don’t think anybody would have predicted we would be now facing flooding and rain that doesn’t stop!

I’m just hoping that all this rain is getting into our dams.  Currently, Sydney and surrounds are not at full capacity so in the days ahead lets hope that the water falls over the dam!

When the rain finally does decide to stop the soil, parks and everywhere will be so damp that taking kids to the park will not be a good idea either, it could be a possibility if they covered head to toe in wet weather gear and gumboots.

How are you faring in this wet weather? Have you been flooded? Or dealing with a blackout?

Are you coping with trying to keep the kids occupied?

Also when the rain finally decides to stop taking kids outside will be a messy experience, all the parks and grounds will be so wet and soaked. The only way they can play will be if they are covered head to toe in rain weather gear and gumboots.

Please stay safe everyone and if you don’t need to leave your house it is wise to stay indoors. I know the kids and you might already have cabin fever but you don’t want to end up stuck somewhere or in fact be caught in a flooded area.

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