Happy Little Vegemite


I am very pleased to report that my first assignment for this semester gained a high distinction, and as a bonus I have gotten an extra on my overall grade. I have also been asked to present my assignment to the class. I am thrilled and just so happy. Now need to get organised and do well on the group assignment and exam. This is a great start.

Now, today is going to be taken up with tiding as the house needs to be ship shape. We are having friends come and babysit the girls on the weekend, so that we can go to a good friend’s birthday. Really looking forward to seeing our good mate, and having some time out. However it is going to be hectic until then, a lot to do. One other positive of having the house tidy is that it is ready for next week and if it stays in a reasonable state, I might have more time for other things next week.

I got up early to have breakfast, do some stretches, and get organised. It was nice to have a head start on the day and to do some things without any distractions. Do you find it is easier to be up earlier than kids or the husband/partner? It is nice to have some quiet time, I rather enjoy it.

Now off to get kids up, but first will get breakfast arranged before the little bodies make it to the table. What are you up this fine autumn day? I will be busy sorting the house out and cannot wait to make a start on it. Keen to find out how the kids will enjoy their day at school after the school holidays. Send in your comments. Remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog.

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