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Lunches are packed, clothes are in school bags for emergencies, and we are good to go. Today did not turn out like I had envisioned: organising and sorting things around the house. In reality I was answering a child every 5 seconds and cleaning up messes, cuddling injured kids after they fell and hurt themselves.  So today was rather chaotic and annoying, although there were moments of lovely cuddles and kisses.

The plan for tomorrow is to get up early and do some cleaning, I need to make the most of my day without kids. It will be a very long, tiring day, but looking forward to the end result, a tidier place to be. Just worried that it will not be tidy for long, there lies the challenge – keeping it clean. How long does your clean house stay clean?

I have also lucked out on the online tutorial for university, all audio was muffled and no idea why it is so. The readings will tell me what I need to know, so will read the lecture notes and answer the tutorial questions. I am a bit behind on the tutorial questions, so need to work on those, and then focus on the group assignment.

As a new parent to the school system, it is rather annoying to be told that term starts today, to then find out it is the next day, and then have a public holiday on the same week. I am now over my rant on the subject and am finally doing my happy jig again, as finally kids will be in school tomorrow. Yippee, I know it is just for one day this week, but one needed, much deserved day.

How have you faired today? Did you child/children go to care or school? If they did not did you get things done? Send in your thoughts and comments. Remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog.

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  • Leanne
    April 23, 2012

    I had both kids at home today, as I do 3 days a week- I had crying, fighting, playing nicely, zooming around the house on bikes, hugging, kissing- the usual kaos that comes with a 3yr old and 19mth old- all while I was trying to hang washing out and general daily chores. I do tend to keep a clean and orderly house most of the time- but everyday does end with toys from one end of the house to the other- I just clean them up once kiddies are in bed at night- of course the next day they will be all over the place again!

    My kids go to daycare so I haven’t had to deal with school holidays as yet but I only get one day at home without kids and I now work on that day from home so I dont really get anytime to do things for myself until night time. My kids go to 2 different daycare centres- both go on a tues and my daughter goes on thurs also. I love my kids going to daycare as I’m not ready for school holidays- at least for a couple of years till big school starts!

    • Suzanne
      April 23, 2012

      Yes Leanne, I know what you mean. I do try but it is just the chaos and the activities that keep me very busy also. Kids were taken with some films, however you don’t want to just stick them in front of the television. I do not like school holidays, unless we are going somewhere as a family. Maybe the school holidays will grow on me, but I doubt it. The girls seem to be getting more out of pre-school than childcare, they are just so curious and want to know more and more. It is hard to keep them entertained. I am sure you understand the feeling. I am just thankful that school will be in full swing next week, and my 3 days will start again. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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