Appliances fail and horse races


Today was freezing as was last night. It is only April and we are so cold I think this winter this year will be a very cold one. If winter is a terrible one, does that mean that we might finally get a summer that is warm?  You never know, so I am putting my order in now for a decent summer, if I have to live through a terrible winter, I am owed a summer, this summer must also not be one that has non-stop rain.

Before we ventured out of the house, we have now realised that 2 pieces of technology have failed us, and we are not happy at all. We now have a toaster that only toasts 2 pieces of bread, it is a 4 bread toaster, and one side is now not working. The second piece of technology that has failed is the biggest problem, the washing machine. I had only put the girl’s big blankets in to wash when I smelt an electrical burning smell. Not good, alerted James and we have now realised that the washing machine has died. This information is not good and as we are strapped for cash, could not have happened at a worse time. With this annoying and frustrating news, we decided we should go somewhere and exhaust kids and spend a day out as a family.

So off to the Bathurst races we went.  I was not keen on the idea as it is freezing, I had a terrible headache and it is a little better but still not 100%, what I wanted to do was go back to bed. Alas that is not what happened.

So after arriving at the races, I looked around and realised nearly everyone was very dressed up. All of us were in many layers just trying to keep warm, and these layers consisted of jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets and the like. Nothing fancy, like a suit, tie, jacket, dresses or high heels.  The girls were barley dressed in anything and if they were wearing something it was a dress that just grazed their bum, no stockings, no jacket to keep warm and high heels that did not match the dress and were too high for most of these girls to walk in. Many of the girls had taken off their shoes and were bare foot, not something I would encourage on a chilly, windy day like today.  Not sure if I am being a fuddy duddy, but I think there is a way to look sexy, stylish and dress warmly. Maybe I am just getting old.

Since we were dealing with kids, anytime a new race was on we never got the chance to place a bet, It was the only time I have been to the races and never put a bet on a horse. Pity it was not the cheapest, today was still expensive.  Although, I did find $10, thank god for the windy day.

Just to give you an idea of the current temperature in Katoomba, see below. Sourced from Sydney Morning Herald’s Weather page.

  • Current temp: 6.3°C
  • Recorded min: 2°C
  • Recorded max: 9°C
  • Feels like: 1.3°C
  • Humidity: 81%
  • Wind: WSW 35km/h
  • Wind gusts: 61km/h

Now we are home, kids are fed (both ate very little of their food), kids are now in bed, and I am about to start working away on the group university assignment. Tomorrow I need to address the issue of washing the clothes and will be off to the Laundromat. I am hoping to get them washed so I can then hang them on the line at home.

Hopefully after the issue of the clothes is dealt with, I am off to see my nana and my mother for the day. Not looking forward to braving the laundromat with kids, but it needs to be done. What appliances have failed at your place? How did you cope? Send in your comments. Remember to vote for us for Best Australian Blog.


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