Year Six Eve


Today is the day before the twins start year six…otherwise known as Year Six Eve.

I still cannot believe my little girls are nearly finished primary school.

This growing up thing has snuck up on me and I know it has happened gradually…however, lately, I’ve noticed how grown up my girls are looking lately.  In recent photos, they are really looking like young ladies rather than girls.

The girls are excited and nervous at the same time about starting grade six this year.

Big year, the twins start grade 6 – The last year of primary school

So what are they excited about?

  • Seeing their friends
  • Being the big kids at the school
  • Finding out what teacher they each get and of course who’s in their class
  • Getting their year six jumper
  • Going to the local high school to find out more and to experience what it’s like to be at high school

What they are nervous about?

  • Being in grade six – the work that might be involved for the big kids at school
  • Leaving primary school for high school next year
  • Not getting the teacher they want
  • Not being a class with their friends
  • Soon to be in high school

It is a HUGE year for the twins, and also the last year before they are teenagers. Although you would think from their attitude that they are already teenagers.

The girls from my insistence have packed their bags for school tomorrow and I’ll check if they have their uniforms sorted as well. I want to be organised for the first day to ensure that we are not late, as we have to drop Alexander off to care that morning as well.

I’m keen for school to go back but not keen on all the things that go with it during the term, after school activities, getting lunches ready, and being a taxi for everything and everyone. I quite liked not doing any of these things.

So wish us luck for the start of term 1 and one that I feel will be a big year for everyone.   It only feels like yesterday that the twins started at the primary school and now it is their last year at the school.

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