We Tested out The Subaru Forester 2.5i-S


Yesterday hubby and I test drove a Subaru Forester 2.5i-S which is the latest model for 2019.

Why were we test driving a new car you ask? Well, hubby’s car was in an accident in May and due to the damage, the insurance company decided to write it off. He is currently driving a very noisy old car that is annoying and we are desperate for a new car that will fit the family and that doesn’t vibrate the whole house and wake the whole street up daily.

My car is due to be updated and I’m keen to have something flash and fabulous too. Currently, my car is working fine, it is old and tired but doing a great job. The plus with my old car is that I own it outright so no payments to be made.

Our first task is to sort out hubby’s car issue and to ensure he has a reliable car for work and for us as a family too. After we do that, updating my car will be next.

So my current car is a Holden Astra that is from 2002. It doesn’t even have power windows or any whiz-bang computer features of the new cars.  I just get in the car and drive, no clicking of buttons, no setting up all the gadgets.. just put the key in the ignition and drive. Simple actually.

Moving forward to the experience with the Subaru Forester yesterday, there were so many buttons, gadgets and things to learn?

The Forester has keyless entry!!! I was amazed and all we had to do was press a button to start the car. Weird when all my life I’ve used a key.

Some other features that freaked me out a little (only freaked out due to it being new):

  • The handbrake is not something you can pull or lift at all. It is a button that you press. I was worried it would work as it was so different. I pressed the button and the red light went off to allow the handbrake to be off, all good. Then when parked you press the button to put it on and the red light is on. I was worried but it all worked as it should.
  • When I was driving the Forrester and stopped at lights the car turned off. Yes, the car turned off!
    I was really worried and freaked out that it was a problem and that we would create an issue for cars around us. This was not the case and the car turns off at lights and when you are not going to save petrol, it is a nifty feature of the car. As soon as I put my foot on the accelerator to go it started super quick and we were driving in traffic like it was never off at all. Very weird indeed, but a great feature. I asked the salesman about this and he said that you can turn it off if you wish but he uses it on his Subaru and it saves him a lot of petrol during the year.
  • I proudly reversed parked the Forester at the car dealership and I found that I was so old school. I couldn’t just stare at a screen to reverse park and had to look and turn my head to know that something wasn’t behind me. Also being a new car and not my car I didn’t want to hurt it or have an accident. Hubby was telling me to just watch the screen and to not look behind, however, this went against everything I’ve been taught and really worried me. I did try and look at the screen a bit and looked at the lines to ensure I was lined up and straight.

What I loved about the Subaru Forester 2.5i-S 

  • It was so open and had heaps of space. I was a bit upset that it was not a 7 seater, but it has 5 seats and ample room for everyone in our family.
  • The boot is roomy and will allow us to take many things for wonderful adventures.
  • The drive was smooth and easy.
  • The car’s windows allowed so much light and visibility for the driver and others in the car.
  • When in the passenger and driver’s seat you will notice that the side mirrors have been moved from directly next to the window to a little bit back. There is an extra window to allow better vision on the side of the car. It is such a simple adjustment but one that makes a massive difference.
  • I loved all the safety features
  • Due to living in the mountains we liked the fact that the Subaru Forester is higher off the ground to go over rocks and off road, it also is good in snow, dirt roads and mud. Perfect taking kids to Scouting adventures and camping too, or just a day in the Blue Mountains as some places are hard to get to.
  • Find out more about the Subaru Forester 2.5i-S here


We both loved the car so much that we have put down a desposit to start the process. Hubby should hopefully have his new car in a few weeks at the most (depending on stock).

The kids also went along with us for our test drive. All kids loved the car and mentioned how much room and wonderful the car felt.

Once we have our new car we will have to seriously learn about all the features and gadgets that will allow us to use the car the way it was intended.

It will be a huge learning curve due to having cars that have none of this technology… we will finally be thrust into the 21st century in cars. I did mention that I just start the car and go, anything beyond that I have no idea about. At least, for now, it is going to be hubby’s car to master all the new items, but soon I will have to learn it too if I wish to drive The Forester as well.

Have you upgraded to a new car that has all the modern gadgets, keyless entry and state of the art computer technology?

Did you find it overwhelming? I think I will, due to being in a very basic car for years.

I have people try and talk to me and motion for me to wind down the windows.  I cannot do this as I don’t have power windows. If I want the windows to be down I need to have them down before I start driving.  This is maddening for me due to the fact that everyone just assumes I have power windows (I suppose nearly everyone does but for me), and when I say I can’t no one seems to believe me. Weird really.

Once I finally have a car that is for this century maybe I can magically have windows down even when driving. Talk about freedom!

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