Was It Me?


We have just finished week five of lockdown, and are set for another four weeks that will end at the end of August. However, I am thinking that it might be even longer than August as Sydney have been reporting constant high numbers of daily infections.

Lockdown started with the July school holidays, well in fact it started at the end of June to be precise.

Before lockdown began, I successfully purchased a really nice second-hand car and then was plunged into lockdown and now cannot go anywhere!

A fantasy photo of what I would look like in my new car. It is not a vintage car, but this is a nice dream.

So it made me think, is it now my action of buying a car that made lockdown happen?

It is like hanging clothes on the line to make it suddenly rain?

Booking a holiday to have other forces out of your control stop you from attending?

Or possibly excited to attend a concert or event and then can’t go!

I know this is silly but you never know, right? Maybe many of us decided to finally do a few things that we were desperate to do and then BAM lockdown hits us all. Yes, it was like the universe knew we were all happy to have a little bit more freedom while living with COVID and then it said, NO you don’t have this, and stopped everything.

COVID has defiantly stopped us in our tracks at the moment. The new strain is affecting younger people and even little kids whereas before it was only affecting older people.

What have you had planned before lockdown happened that you are now convinced that if you hadn’t organised then lockdown wouldn’t have happened?

The universe saw that a whole group of people in Australia were making plans and deciding to get outside and travel and then the lockdown hit again!

Maybe we are destined to never get toilet paper ever again!

Well, the majority of people affected are in the Greater Sydney region. Victoria, Northern Territory and South Australia have had a brief lockdown too, and unfortunately, as I write this Queensland has announced they are in lockdown again.

I do hope that we will get out of lockdown soon. The only time I will drive anywhere will be to finally get my Pfizer Vaccine.

Have you done something that now you think has impacted the lockdown? It could have been as simple as making plans to catch up with friends or family. Let me know.

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