Julia and Lillian now want to go to the toliet like the grown ups, however they don’t do anything. Lillian insisted today that she needed to go. So thought best do what she wanted, it might be the first time she goes in the potty. Fingers crossed. Got to the bathroom, kid in hand, got potty ready and she sat for a bit and we sang my song that I made up.

Pooh Pooh, Wee Wee on the potty, and just repeat an move about like it is a great song. Lillian did not want to stay on the potty for long. She kept on pointing to the toliet. She has seen me and daddy use the toliet and decided she wanted to give that a go. I thought fair enough, maybe she will go in the big toliet. I held onto her as she is still a tiny toddler for her age and could really easily fall into the toliet.

While I was holding her she was reaching for the toliet paper. She managed to get some and then began to wipe herself like she had seen us do. All very funny and cute. I know not the best post, but you have to learn, right??? As it was getting increasing difficult to hold her while she was making a game of grabing the paper, I decided to call it a day with this try to toliet train Lillian.

On previous attempts with Julia as well all she wants to do is to sit for a bit on the potty and not do anything. I am aiming to wait for spring to focus full time on trying to get them both toliet trained.

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