My froggy daddy


Today my husband James was telling me that the weather was going to be wet and foggy. Not unusual in Katoomba I might say. However in December we were hoping for a hotter and sunner outlook.

During the process of telling me the weather Julia said “No daddy my froggy!”, she kept on repeating this when he mentioned the fog. She obviously thought that he was mentioning her frog and got annoyed that he might think it his. We did explain that we were talking about the fog and explained that it was low lying cloud, etc… But to no end, still thought we were referencing the frog. So we agreed that it was not daddies and it was hers.

She was pleased with the outcome but think in future there will always be an issue with fog and frog.

Has anyone had any other funny stories about words or things that got confused or thought to be something that it was not.

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