Picnics are not sandwiches


Today I decided that we would have lunch outside as it is such nice weather, for a change. Got all things for lunch and then managed to get everyone outside without too much of a drama.

Sat down and we were all eating our sandwiches. Mentioned that we were having a picnic and they both said “No mummy, sandwich”. So I just laughed.  How cute and funny.  In between eating sandwiches and the other nibbles, they pretended to be tigers, lions and dogs. They kissed Tommy’s plant (Thomas is my beloved cat that passed away on 13th of Feb 2010)  and I cried, but then the girls fell on their bellies and were swimming on dry land. Their breast stroke and freestyle is good for kids who don’t swim often. Must take them back to the pool soon.

I laid out on the grass in the shade and then Lillian and Julia came and launched themselves on me and insisted that I stay lying down.  “Lay down Mummy!!!!!” All very funny. Was a saga to get them inside the house. Think this will get worse with the good weather coming.

Hope all is well with everyone.

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