Shoe Fetish


Both Julia and Lillian have a shoe obsession. It started when I gave them their first shoes.  This occured around October 2009. They were walking more and needed to be protected. We had just been to Octoberfest at the Carrington at Katoomba and they were running around the grass lawn. I was worried that they might step in more things later and decided when out next to get them shoes.

As I was not sure what to buy and the sizes (the girls were not with me when I bought the shoes), I ended up buying a size that is small but fitted just.

We put them on the girls and to great delight they ran around the house pleased with their new additions – SHOES.  Now they say shoes, socks, and shoe, shoe all the time. This week they have tried on mummies shoes and walked around with one of them on each of their feet and today and yesterday they put on their own shoes. One pair is way too big for them, howevery they have mastered the skill of walking with big shoes and not letting them fall off.

This is all very cute. It was also cute to see Lillian put her shoes on the horse rocker and give them a ride. She got quite upset when one fell off the ride and she could not reach it to put it back for another go. Mummy had to step in to help the sad shoe that was missing out on the fun.

I am not sure if this obsession will last till adult hood or if it is just something that girls go through.  As I have never had kids before I have no idea. Maybe this is why some girls grow up to have massive shoe collections. Is this the start of fashion like Sex in the City for my girls????  I have no idea and think it is just so curious.

No matter what the shoe they calm down when they have one regardless if they are wearing one, carrying it or chewing on it.

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