Biters and Walking


Today Julia really bit Lillian very hard. Skin was marked and broken. Not good and of course there was tears and she was not happy. This biting thing has been going on for ages now, but is getting worse as they have more teeth now.   I really believe that due to the fact that they are twins and have had to share things, mummy and their toys and wait turns they get quite annoyed.

This biting thing has been going on since about 5-6 months. Had no idea how to manage it in the early days, but think I have hit the nail on the head. I am using time out. I take the injured child and comfort them but before that I put the trouble maker in time out. This is done by putting them in their cot as it is the only space that will be good enough for a time out.

They are so active now and want to go walking everywhere. They look at you with their cute blue eyes and say walking, walking, walky, walky. So you relent and let them run around the house. I did this again today and now the house is littered with items that were not in the living room before and also in the kitchen and dining room. I still have not found my brush for my brush and pan. I had to get a new one. I am sure that it will surface one day or maybe it was dumped in the garbage and has been thrown out. I will never know. Currently it is a mystery in our house, Where did the brush go?

Lillian also put her shoe on all by herself and both the girls are trying to put their feet in my shoes and go walking. Hard in big shoes that don’t fit. All very cute and funny.

I just am glad that I am finally getting the hang of dealing with biters and coping with walkers and feeling exhausted after all the activity today. Mostly making sure they don’t injure themselves.

So I am going to continue with my time out, it seems to have made a difference and they don’t bite as often as they once were. However it is a drama when it happens. The time outs are not for long about a minute to show that you cannot do what you have just done, and to also make the poor child that was biten calm down.

If anyone else has any ideas on how else to manage this that would be great, currently what I am doing is working. Would be interested on other strategies.

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