Playful Girls


Julia and Lillian were feeling very restless in the house. I offered that we all go outside to run around and it was met with giggles and Yes and nods from both of them. So off we went to the backyard. Once we got there, Lillian took to the ball and started bashing it around. Forgot to mention that she brought the brush from the brush and pan with her, so she was using this to move the ball around.

Julia was picking the ball up and then giving it to me and then I had to give it back to her, all in between eating leaves and me trying to get them out of her mouth. I mentioned to Lillian that she should be kicking the ball like she was doing in hospital. (See other post on hospital stay with Lillian) She thought about it and started really getting stuck into the ball by kicking it. Very good kicks that had some weight behind them. Julia had the ball and it had fallen out of her hand, it fell right next to the path and she then attempted to kick it. However there was no room as it was so close to the concrete. She then bent over to move it so that she could kick the ball. Very clever if you ask me.

Today, I noticed that Julia was having problems with a corn I think that is on her foot. It has not been causing her any issues until now. Or maybe I just have not noticed. She was walking on tippy toes on that foot and kept on saying “sore foot”. Lillian has the same thing on the same foot but has not gotten as bad as Julia’s. It is not too bad in the scheme of things, it is just the dilema and the annoyance of now that it is causing issues, we will now have to get it removed. More cost, appointments with doctors, and an unhappy baby but hopefully that part is just short term.

I did go to doctors about it but no one can make up their mind about what it is and the way to remove it. Being a little baby at the time did not help matters. Now she is older it might be easier but I don’t think so.

We all have had a very busy day. We went to the chriopractor and the girls ran around his office while I was looked after and then off home for a  much needed sleep. While out today the girls said the word, “exactly”. They are speaking so well and I am sure there are others but they will come to me later. Then as mentioned we ran around the backyard and played with the balls and had just a great time. Both the girls kept on going to a newly planted tree to give me dirt as a present. All very cute and messy and obvioulsy not needed but I accpeted my presents. Hard when they wanted the dirt back and it slipped away between my fingers.

Still cannot get over how grown up they are and how the time has flown.  It only seems like I have just had them, but they are just so independent and active.

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