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Pepsi Next

Pepsi Next

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Have you tried Pepsi Next?

Before Nuffnang sent me some I had not either. I’m not much of a fizzy/soft drink person as I don’t like the sweetness and too much sugar with the drinks.

What makes Pepsi Next so different?

  • Great taste
  • Has less sugar than other soda or cola drinks. It has 30% LESS SUGAR and is sweeten naturally using Stevia
  • Pepsi Next tastes so good Pepsi are inviting people from around Australia to take part in a blind taste test. Pepsi Next was put next to other cola drinks that are full sugar and the tasters were asked to pick which one they prefer. I know that I would prefer the less sugary one, AKA – Pepsi Next.


Me enjoying Pepsi Next

Me enjoying Pepsi Next

So what did I think?

  • I liked the fact that it was not a sickly sweet drink. Other colas and fizzy drinks are too sweet for me. Pepsi Next was a wonderful surprise, it tasted great, and did not have the syrup like taste the other fizzy drinks do.
  • I’m conscious of what I put in my mouth and body, having something that is lower in sugar content is great.
  • This drink is great as you can still have a treat and not spoil your diet.
  • Give it a go and you will love it as much as I did


I asked hubby to have a taste test and here he is having a his first experience with Pepsi Next.  When a blogger gets some things to taste you can bet the rest of the family want to sample the products as well.


Where can you purchase Pepsi Next?

Wherever the Pepsi range of drinks are already sold you can find Pepsi Next. Major supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol stations.

How much does it cost?

RRP is dependent on where you go to purchase Pepsi. That said, a quick check of Coles Online has Pepsi selling for the following costs:

  • Pepsi Next 375ml cans, 15 in each pack – $14.09 so that is $2.50/ltre
  • Pepsi Next 375ml cans, 24 in each pack – $12.00 (Currently on special and you save $7.52)

Other supermarkets might be charging different but if you want to snap up a bargain best get it on special at Coles.  Note: Coles has not asked me to promote this via this post. I just thought it would be of interest to see what costs are like for this product from a major supermarket chain.

Pepsi Next is Available in all sizes

Pepsi Next is available in different sizes to suit all needs. In bottles, 600mls or cans.

Have you had a chance to try Pepsi Next? What were your thoughts?

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