Review: Frico Cheese A Yummy Hit!


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I must say that I love cheese. It could either be on a sandwich, with crackers, fresh crusty bread or grated over a good spaghetti bolognese.

Frico sent me a lovely pack of cheese to try. I was like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit when my care pack of cheese arrived. Cheese, Cheese……. I said!!!!

About Frico

Frico Dutch Cheese has a history of more than 110 years. The cheese is made in the same age old tradition of dutch cheese.

Frico’s products are: Edam (Is mild, slightly salty and has a nutty flavour. Perfect for grilled sandwiches or in the lunchbox), Gouda (Creamy and smooth flavour, it is a perfect melting cheese. Excellent for pizzas or on pasta) and Maasdam (Sweet and nutty flavour, perfect for salads, pastas or sandwiches, even a fondue) which are named after Dutch towns.

You can use the cheese for a snack, an addition in a meal, in a burger or on its own.

You can learn more about how Frico produce their tasty cheese in the below video:




After School Snack

The kids were super hungry one day after school, I did not want a huge meal made. So I thought, why not some cheese and crackers. I decided to give the girls some Edam and some Jatz. They were a hit.


The girls loved the cheese so much that they wanted it for their lunch the next day. You cannot get better than this. Kids asking for things in their lunch box. I have also been asked to get some more of that yummy cheese mummy. Must pick up some more at the shops.

Dinner Idea

I did not feel like cooking and thought about all the tasty Frico cheese in my fridge. How about a cheese plate with fresh crusty bread, fresh meats and some drink. Yes great idea. I went to the shops and got a lovely loaf of bread, plus the fresh meats to accompany the cheese plate.

This was a very easy dinner idea and it was also very tasty. I liked all the cheeses, however the Frico Gouda Spiced with Cumin tasted smokey and had a very interesting flavour (this is the one that is packaged with the black label saying selection in the above picture). The cheeses worked well with fresh bread and some champagne ham.

Recipes Using Frico Cheeses

If you want to do something a little more interesting with your Frico cheese. I have the answer for you. Frico sent me a cookbook of recipes from around the world that use Frico cheese.

I have created a PDF of this cookbook and you can download it here (Note: the file is quite big so it might take a while to download)

Thanks to Frico for my lovely cheeses and making my life a little easier in the cooking department for a while. It has allowed me to try different cheeses and see what the kids liked. I know they like Edam and would like it in their lunchboxes. So a great win if you ask me.

What is your favourite Frico cheese? Mine is Edam and the Gouda.

If you wish to see more recipes, just go to the Frico Website and you can see all that’s new here.


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