In a Funk about Housework!

Laundry done. Now need to put it away. Image courtesy of Keerati /

Laundry done. Now need to put it away. Image courtesy of Keerati /

Do you have issues with doing everything with the house? I am in a bit of a funk due to being seen as the person that does all the housework! I hate it, and have never loved housework. What about you? Why is it that suddenly when you are a mum, you stay home to look after the kids and the family, and presto you are suddenly the person who loves housework. Have you noticed that no one else helps and it is just YOU! I have, and it is rather annoying.

Women and mothers do want to do other things other than housework or being a slave to others needs! I know this is a big rave and I have my angry pants on today about it. I am just over being seen as the housekeeper.

How much money have I saved the household? I am sure thousands! I have twins and putting two kids in care would have not been cheap. Getting a job in the city would require hiring a nanny so again another cost.

I’m sure if the roles were reversed, men would not take it and not want to be seen as the housework slave. I know there are some stay at home dads and they do a brilliant job and hope they are not in the same boat about the assumption that they suddenly just love and adore housework.

JUST BECAUSE I AM A MOTHER DOES NOT MEAN THAT I LOVE HOUSEWORK! I have other things that I want to achieve during the day and housework is important and needs to get done but it is not what I live to do!

Does your partner help with the housework? Is it just up to you? Have you got a schedule to get it all done? Do you find that now that you are mummy/mommy that you are seen as someone that is supposed to love and like housework?

I need to earn more money so that I can hire a housekeeper. If I did have a housekeeper this would make everyone happy. I would have more time, the family would have things neat and tidy and I would not be racing around doing housework. Pity there is no housework fairy.

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  • Trishvb
    February 27, 2014

    yes, that’s the way it goes. One partner goes out to work and the other partner keeps the house clean and tidy and looks after the kids. And no, we don’t have to love it but it is necessary to make our life comfortable. And yes, it is never ending and no, there is no house cleaning fairy. Believe me, I’ve looked! So suck it up and get on with it. The thought of going to work (grass is greener on the other side) sounds great but trust me, you would just have taking care of the children, the house and doing a job. Now that the girls are at school, it must be easier than when they were at home. I know that the gap between 9 & 3 isn’t great but it is there and there for 5 days. That’s a luxury working Mums envy.

  • housekeeper required
    March 5, 2014

    even if you get a job and hire housekeeper, half of your time in the office will be spent worrying about the kids. it will be so difficult to concentrate on work.

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