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We visited Aunty Kay today. She is my younger sister and works and lives in the Northern Beaches. I was going that way as I had an interview with Starfish kids. Starfish kids is an model/talent agency for children and babies. We are currently with Brats however we have had no jobs and in May it will be a year that we have been with them. Thought that I would see what another agency could do.  So as Starfish kids is in the northern beaches we all thought that after our interview we would go and visit Aunty Kay for lunch.

Kay was very excited to have us come to her work as she does not see the girls often as we live so far apart. I live in Katoomba and she in Beacon Hill. Might not be so bad, but she does not drive or own a car. Hard to have a car if you don’t drive. So we were happy to come to her.It took us a while to get to the Northern Beaches as the traffic was so bad that day. I was not late, actually on time for everything but was in a bit of a panic as thought I would be late. After our interview at Starfish Kids we took about 15mins to drive to Kay’s work. Kay had organised some great food for us and I had organised sandwiches and apple for the girls. I had also packed water bottles and their milk (we call it milk even when it could be formula – the girls are on toddler formula, they also drink full cream cow’s milk).After saying hi to everyone that Kay works with and she showed the girls off, we found a place to have our picnic on the grounds of her work. It was a lovely day, hot and a nice breeze. As the girls were dressed up and looking hot and bothered, I decided to change them from long sleeve dresses to short sleeve tops and just a nappy. They are in nappy pants and have been for a while. This is so much better as they take off the nappy if they are in regular nappies. Have learnt the hard way. If you don’t want poo and wee wee everywhere nappy pants are your friends.With that the girls were running around as they were so happy to finally be free. You should have seen the smiles on their faces. Julia would say bye bye and then smile at us before she walked behind bushes and a tree, that then made us leave our picnic to make sure that the girls did not hurt themselves. Where we were there was paths that lead to houses on the property and also to the road that they could wander off to. So we had to be on the look out.Throughout the picnic Julia kept on yelling for “sister”, Lillian to come with her or for Lillian to come with Julia. I then explained to Kay that Lillian had not once said Julia but Lillian calls Julia Lillian. She points and says Lillian or Lilly. She even pointed to a tree and called it Lillian. She has done this before off and on, she points to things and then says Lilly or Lillian. I do correct her when she does this and when it comes to Julia I say, “No you are Lillian, this is Julia.” Then Lillian laughs like crazy.   She knows but she is just playing I think. Not sure. She did do this with Daddy, she kept on calling him mummy until about 3-4 months ago, then she called him daddy. She knew who he was but insisted he was mummy, then he would say daddy and she would laugh. She might say it once and then say he was mummy.So the girls had a great time at Aunty Kay’s work and even tried tabouleh, did not like it, and pulled a very funny face before spitting it out. They stuck to cheese sandwiches and apple.Before we got to Kay’s the girls were saying Kay in the car like the word was going out of fashion, however once we arrived and all picnic they did not call her Kay. I was hoping that they would surprise her but they did not. I hope one day they do say it to her face as that would make her day.We will have to go and visit Kay next time, it is just such a long day to travel to that side of Sydney but it is good to get out and about, and the girls just love to go places.

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