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My girls are so close

My girls are so close

My twin girls are very close and always want to be together. This gets very difficult if one wants to do something different from the other. Lately they have been wanting to do separate things and hubby and I have been encouraging this. I love the fact that they are close and best buddies, however I don’t want them to miss out on an opportunity just because the other sister does not want to join in. They are different people and of course their interests differ, however are still very similar.

Lillian helped daddy at the hardware store and Julia wanted to be with mummy. Mummy was not doing anything too exciting and had to tidy the kitchen that day, Julia decided that she wanted to wash up so she helped and did an excellent job.  It is hard to separate the kids in the normal work week as hubby works long hours and I’m the only care provider for the twins aside from daddy. We mainly do things on the weekends and I am aiming to do more one on one time with each child.

The kids have had the sniffles and coughs and are now better than they were, however the most amazing thing happened; Julia wanted to go to school without Lillian. I know this does not sound like a major breakthrough but it is. They never want to be apart so when this happened I made sure that she was able to go.   I was also impressed with Lillian as she was okay with her sister going off to school and her staying home to get better.

Julia had a fun day on her own at school. She was not really on her own as she has many friends but I meant without her sister. That afternoon she was a bit clingy but it was a massive part of their development and gaining more independence.

Do you have twins? Do they separate to do their own things or are they attached to each other?  Do you have ways to encourage your twins to be on their own with their own interests? Send in your comments.

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