Blue Mountains Bicentenary Flyover

Toy Plane - Ready for the flyover

Toy Plane – Ready for the flyover

Tomorrow we will experience the Blue Mountains Bicentenary Flyover, and I cannot wait. The last two days it has been foggy, wet and of course rain so not the best weather, so hoping that tomorrow we will be able to see some planes. It is between the hours 10.00am – 2.00pm, so that at least gives you enough time to be part of it all.

Residents and visitors will be able to enjoy this spectacular event with more than 60 aircraft including the famous RAAF Roulettes from recommended viewing locations (see “Community Events” page for activities at each location): 1. MELROSE HALL PARK – Emu Plains, from 11.00am, 2. GLENBROOK PARK – Glenbrook, 7am – 2pm, 3. FAULCONBRIDGE PUBLIC SCHOOL – Faulconbridge, 8am – 2pm, 4. LAWSON PUBLIC SCHOOL – Lawson, 10.30am – 1.30pm, 5. BLUE MOUNTAINS GRAMMAR SCHOOL – Wentworth Falls, 10am – 2pm, 6. THE CARRINGTON HOTEL – Katoomba, paid event brunch $60pp, 10.30am – 1.30pm, 7. MELROSE PARK – North Katoomba, 7am – 1pm, 8. THE GARDENS – Blackheath, 11am – 2pm, 9. MOUNT VICTORIA MEMORIAL PARK – Mount Victoria, 11am – 2pm, 10. HARTLEY HISTORIC SCHOOL – Hartley, 10am – 3pm, 11. O’CONNELL AVENUE CAFE & STORE – O’Connell, 11am – 2pm.

It is a wonderful event and cannot wait to be a witness to it. I will not be here for the next one in another 200 years. According to the organisers, the flyover is a celebration for:

“To celebrate the 1813 crossing by the three explorers, the 2013 Bicentenary will be a crossing by air, the first ever flyover for the Blue Mountains and the largest ever civilian flyover in Australia.”

For viewing sites:

1. Melrose Hall Park, Emu Plains

2. Glenbrook Park, Glenbrook

3. Faulconbridge Public School, Faulconbridge

4. Lawson Public School, Lawson

5. Blue Mountains Grammar School, Wentworth Falls

6. The Carrington Hotel (Chimney), Katoomba

7. Melrose Park, Katoomba North

8. The Gardens, Blackheath

9. Mount Victoria Memorial Park, Mount Victoria

10. Hartley Historic School, Hartley

11. O’Connell Avenue Cafe & Store, O’Connell

The girls at pre-school were creating paper planes and colouring in pictures of planes. They are obviously getting into the spirit of the flyover. Are you going to be at any of the sites to witness the celebrations?

I hope to be with the twins so they can see

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