NO You Cannot!


Why is it that I have one child that as soon when I say “No” to she immediately sees this as an invitation to go off and get or do what she has been told not to. I spent an entire day yesterday running around dealing with her actions after I told her “No!”, she is so headstrong she does not see that there is anything wrong with what she does. I explain that she cannot do it or have it due to being dangerous, we have already done it and she has had her limit of treats or it is not the right time i.e. just before bed time she wants to do a project or have a lolly.

Today is no different and over the years this has been the case, however she is getting more and more strong willed and difficult to deal with. I give time outs, and punishments and when very dangerous I intervene and give a little tap on the bum but that is about it. Maybe it is personality that is driving this defiance? I am not sure, the other girl does a bit of this but not like the one that sees bucking the system and defying the NO to create a YES as a playful exercise or a bit of fun! This little girl decides that she wants it and no one will stand in her way. A great attitude to have but very annoying as a mother and a parent.I know this will come in handy throughout life but at the same time she needs to understand when to listen to people.

Do you have this issue? How have you dealt with it? Why do some kids power through your NO’s and never listen to a word you say? Gosh it is exhausting. I am attempting to clean the house or at least have it a little tidier and all I have done is played with kids, did some drawings with them, put on a load of washing and hung it out, blew bubbles and made a new bubble mixture, and of course written some blog posts so not too bad on that front, now the girls are blowing party blowers but the paper has perished and now it is the noise of ducks I am listening to (not ideal with a headache in one eye).

I am off to let them run around in the sprinkler to cool down a little as it is getting hotter as I type. Maybe once they are cooler they might settle a little? I can only live in hope. Send in your comments.

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