Searching for the Magic Formula

The book that holds the magic formula. Getting kids to behave. Image courtesy of digitalart at

The book that holds the magic formula. Getting kids to behave. Image courtesy of digitalart at

Have you found the magic formula for disciplining your kids? I wish I had. Kids have been little terrors lately and I feel it is the age and the need for more stimulation. I could be wrong but I am trying to believe this.  No one listens to mummy, kids don’t do anything they are told or asked to do and as you might imagine, Mummy is over it and exhausted!

I have tried chores, incentives, and the like and all seem not to work. I have tried making it a game and getting them to help with small things, like wiping the table. It does work to a degree then goes pear shaped. Is it the competitiveness between the kids? Is it the fact that they are so close and want to do the same thing at the same time? Maybe it is.

I do feel though that the girls now they are five are pushing boundaries and seeing where it gets them.  Mostly this pushing boundaries gets them into trouble. Time out in the corner, no TV, no story or an early bedtime.

Is is due to the fact that they are twins? Pairing up to be mischievous more? Maybe? But siblings have done the same thing, so maybe it is not just down to being twins. Having a buddy in crime is helpful for the kids but annoying for the parent.

Do you have twins? Have you found the age of four to five troublesome? The girls are getting much more confident with their climbing and are little quiet ninjas when they want to not be found out. I do find it hard not to be amazed at how clever they are, but at the same time they are getting into trouble and some of it might cause injury.

I have explained to the girls how some things are very naughty and can cause one or both of them to get hurt. We always say “We don’t want to have to take you to hospital” and the kids don’t want to go, so they start to listen.  Kids I know are rough and tumble and getting hurt here or there is part of the cause, but you don’t want it to more serious than a bump or a scratch.

Do you have issues with kids listening, paying attention and doing as you ask? If you have cracked the magic formula to make it all work, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Send in your comments.

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