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The house is a mess due to it being too hot to do much and also kids wanting to play with everything. My aim is to tidy as much as I can over the weekend as the kids are in pre-school 3 days next week. I would like to make use of my time next week in a better way and also need to focus on what to pack for summer school and staying at the relatives place. After I have things better sorted will create a list of what I need to make sure not to forget anything.

It will be another hot and steamy day today and hoping that the cool change will make night time better for the kids, last night it was very warm for them. According to the temperature egg in their room it was about 30 degrees even when I had the fan and all doors and windows open.  Today is the first day of summer so I suppose it is meant to be hot, I do like hot weather, however it would be nice to be a pool or have a drink in hand under a tree relaxing. What about you?

Laundry, folding and sorting then putting away, and of course picking up and putting away awaits me. Hubby had a good night last night with work and stayed in town in an air conditioned hotel, so last night was rather jealous that we were not there with him. As I type he is on his way home and then will experience the heat that we have been facing. He does not deal or cope well with the heat. Maybe he is lucky it will be cooler tomorrow, lets hope that the weather people are right about this report.

I still think a cleaning fairy would be ideal or at the very least a clone of myself to do the jobs I just really don’t want to do. Do you have these fantasies or is it just me? Maybe it is? Since there are no magical helpers I am off to get into the housework. Although my little helpers helped mummy clean the outside of the car yesterday, both girls were very good and did such a great job – just needed a change of clothes for all of us afterwards.

Do you try and get your jobs or chores done so that you can maximise your time off? I do try to, however there are some things that cannot be done when kids are around. Why not continue the discussion on our twitter or facebook pages.

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