Got into pre-school of choice


I am so happy I could burst. The girls have successfully got into the favoured pre-school of choice. The girls are to go 3 days a week, Monday to Wednesday. This is going to be great for them and me. The structure, learning and meeting new friends will really help their development. As they are Spring babies they will not go to school until 2014, as they will be 5 in Sept of 2013, so will need to wait for the following year. This way they get 2 years of pre-school and I am hoping that this will set them really well for the start of school.

Today the school rang with the great news, they are posting a letter of acceptance and what next to do. Other than making sure that the girls are fully potty trained for January next year, and we pay the bond for them, it is all organised, Horay.

Oh, once I get the acceptance letter, I will contact my plan b pre-school to let them know that we have decided to go elsewhere. This way it will allow another family to benefit from a place.

I know this is a small thing, however I feel so happy and delighted that we are in this school. I think and feel that it will give the girls a great start to life and education. Does anyone out there have great stories of Montessori teaching and pre-schools. How has your child/children developed from this start in life? As a newbie with my first kids it is hard to know. I just cannot wait to see how they change and grow with going to pre-school next year.

I am also tickled pink about having 3 days or part of them to myself. Yepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Note: It is February 2013 and cannot believe my babies will be 5 years old soon. It has flown by like everyone says it does. Next year they go to school and it will be great to have more time and nice to see them grown and learn.


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