New Year Strike


Happy New Year! It is rather amazing that it is 2019. A year full of new plans, hopes, dreams and hopefully exciting times.

My word for 2019 is “Happy”

I noticed that the twins were wanting me to be happier last year, they even sat me down and had a chat about how they want me and daddy to be happy.

Celebrating the new year and new possibilities.

Celebrating the new year and new possibilites.

Mind you we have been going through a rather trying time of late. Hubby lost his job a few months before Christmas and due it being a bad time to be job hunting everything has been put on hold until 2019. And my grandmother the girls (GG) died so that was very upsetting and sad too.

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken organising and doing for everyone but not me. So no surprise that I am not the happiest person, oh plus no one helps out. When the mere suggestion of help is said to any child all I get is screams and yelling about how “I don’t want to do that!”, or “It’s not mine, so why should I have to pick it up??”

Geez, I don’t want to do housework either but I do, and nearly 99% of items that I pick up are not mine either!

2019 is going to be a year of change and making things easier on me and teaching the kids that I am not a slave. I am sick of doing for everyone and not getting anything back, and of course, I am intentionally injecting happy into my day, life and family.

The twins spent a week with my mum and step-dad and came home today. They have been short tempered, yelling at me and grunting or getting angry at everything.

One kid decided to ask for my help with one craft activity that she got as a Christmas present from school. She was happy and keen to set it all up and then couldn’t find a key part of the box.

She came to tell me that she couldn’t find it, and I said that I had tidied up their room to welcome them home ( I gave each kid Harry Potter bed sets and had washed them all to have them on the beds for when the girls returned, I tidied their room and sorted out their clothes too – they are all folded in a basket ready to be put away). I told this kid that I originally found the box in the corner of the room shoved at the end of the cupboards so maybe it had fallen out.

To look for this we needed to move things and that was met with screaming and yelling at me. She then yelled at me that it was on the desk and that is where she remembered leaving it. I told her to look at the desk and behind it, in case it had fallen out and was on the floor.

Being happy with friends and family helps with you being happier too, that is unless they don't listen due to being pre-teen kids!

Being happy with friends and family helps with you being happier too, that is unless they don’t listen due to being pre-teen kids!

Her looking skills were the following: staring at the desk and yelling and not moving anything! Did she think that the missing item would just magically appear? It possibly might fly out and announce itself to her.

I, of course, was rather annoyed at the tidy room now becoming messy again and was also interrupted at finally putting fresh sheets on my bed to help out a kid that was yelling at me.

I then explained that I spent a long time getting her room ready and getting all the clothes folded and the room tidy. I know she was unhappy and annoyed she had lost something but I was trying to help her.

No one saw it my way and everyone now thinks that I was being horrible by getting angry at the said child.

My reaction is that I am STRIKE!

No one values anything I do

No one helps

I get yelled at

People can fend for themselves

I don’t get paid or treated nicely, and I am very over the silly and horrible behaviour.

So my word for the year is maybe not great for today, but I am now Happy in my bedroom with a cool drink working on my laptop.

Maybe this is being happy, well for a little bit.

This might allow the family to appreciate everything I do.

I’ve told Hubby and the twins that I’m not cooking, cleaning or doing laundry. If someone wants something they need to sort it out themselves.

I wonder how long it will be before I get the “I’m Sorry Mummy!” “Please help me with this, or cook me this or do that”

How is your first day of 2019 going?

Oh, by the way, Alexander hurt himself and needed mummy so I had to deal with that and then magically the other child found the missing item that was lost. A very sorry kid still wanted me to help her with her project and I thought it would be nice.

The twins cooked their own dinner, although there were moments and a major injury (not with food or the stove but due to someone hurting their head on a cabinet).

Now kids are in bed and I can finally return to my work and some much needed quiet time.

I do hope that your first day of the year was better than mine, although there were some nice moments but some annoying ones too.

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