Ups and Downs of School Holidays


How are you going? Are you surviving the school holidays?  I have had moments when it has all gone to hell and I’ve wanted to run to the hills and not come back for a while.

However, even with the annoyance and angst, I’ve been trying to embrace the holiday spirit and my mantra for this year…be happier.

I’ve been spending more time with the kids and family, hence why I haven’t posted recently. Sorry for the lack of updates.

I have been taking the kids to parks, movies, organising play dates, parties, sleepovers, I got tickets so kids can do some science at the local botanic gardens and much more!

One thing that is doing my head in is the arguments and one-upmanship between the twins.  It is really annoying, exhausting and frustrating to say the least. Are you in the same boat with your kids?

Do you find that a good stiff drink is in order after a tumultuous session with the kids not hearing anything you say? Oh, and when no one answers your questions, even when they are right next to you!

Even with the frustrations that holidays bring it has been relaxing and happy experience. We have spent time with friends and family and also managed to have a sleep in on a few days (So this is a win in my book).

Alexander had his birthday party and is now a three-year-old. He was very happy that his two mates from childcare could come to his party, and it was so adorable to see all three of them play in the park with each other.  Three cute little people taking walks and chatting and playing amongst themselves, they were super busy doing important playthings.

I still cannot believe the girls will be entering grade 5 soon, they are getting so grown up and soon primary will be finished for both of them. Only this year and next and then they are off to high school.

Hope you’re having a good break and spending some fun time with family these school holidays.  If you are having painful moments like me, I hope that they don’t last long or you can get a break for a bit.

Coming up next on the blog is are my tales of helping two ten years old’s with their new Harry Potter LEGO sets, it was a long, exhausting, frustrating and at times rewarding experience.  It really ends up as a tale of woe from all sides. I’m sure all mums and dads that have tried to assist a child with LEGO will understand the ups and downs of this fine line you walk between taking over or just helping.


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