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No Secret Meetings So Study Is Needed. Image by FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

No Secret Meetings So Study Is Needed.
Image by FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Tonight I had my online lecture as per usual; this week is only week 3, so early days of semester 2. You would think that it is just getting to know terms, what you are supposed to be doing and figuring out what to read and so on. Well that is part of it; however it is like everyone has met up months before to transfer knowledge and skill to these lucky few that have made it to the meeting.

I for one was not at this mysterious rondevu, and I wish I was invited. The lecture notes online speed past at break neck speed and comments at the same pace, it is a different language that is being discussed. I have to pay attention to fine detail and even then, I am unsure of what is being said.  Legal slang is a hard one to master, and I am sure it will come to me, but I hope it will happen before the end of the semester.

Have you found meetings, educational lectures, or even some conversations are like you missed the memo or the previous conversation completely, the issue with mine is that I have been online for all 3 lectures and still feel like this? Maybe some subjects have this clever way to make you feel stupid? Or just not speaking the same language?

More reading and research is in order if I want to feel like the party goer that can have legal conversation with ease. Students tonight were quoting cases, now that scares me! Quoting cases this early, are they closet lawyers? I always fancied myself as a lawyer, but not sure that I would get very far.  I suppose it is early days, as it is still week 3 anything can happen. It can can’t it? I will understand everything that I read and master this course to gain a HD (High Distinction).  I hear you laugh, but I will give it a good go!

Do you feel out of your depth sometimes, well I do. Especially when it seems everyone has secretly had meetings without me. Why do these students know more than me!  Tell us your stories of this happening to you; when have you suspected that others have met secretly and left you out? Was it university, work or friends? Send in your comments.

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