Daddy the Dinosaur Slayer

Not as scary as it is an Origami Dinosaur. Image by

Not as scary as it is an Origami Dinosaur. Image by

The girls have been telling me that daddy kills dinosaurs, not sure when he finds time or where the dinosaurs are, but they are convinced he goes off and slays them.  It is good to know that daddy is keeping us safe from the evil, threatening dinosaurs.

On top of ridding the world of more dinosaurs the girls have told us that there are naughty bears that need to be gotten rid of also. Who knew? I didn’t and glad to think that again daddy is making the world a safer place.

I was concerned that if daddy was killing bears as well, that he might hurt or harm their beloved teddy bears. This concern was met with, “No mummy our teddy bears are nice and the others are naughty and need to be killed”.

It makes me wonder, do the girls tell others about daddy’s extracurricular activities?

Does the other person nod politely and get told about how daddy fights the bears or the evil dinosaur?

Is this what the teachers get faced with? I hope they keep a straight face, as sometimes it is hard when faced with such funny creative stories.

Do you have some tall stories that you find just hysterical? What are the best ones? Send in your stories.

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